Portrait of Snakakashkun in the first year of his reign.

List of several Sippur dynasties

Vaslit king of Illoco being summoned to the Palace of Ordumash at Ordusyim. Image credit: Yury Ostapchuk

The Walking Palace of Tud the Banded. Image credit: Viktor Tikov

The Planet Erus just outside the dominion of the supermassive black hole Ton, last known location of the Sdu Emperor Xteru

“War erupted and a great deal of knowledge was lost”

The purported ruins of Ba’aman Tol, the city founded by Sammu in the Second Age of Kamun.

A depiction of the ancient Iru leader Guuerdur of Sdu. Image credit: Victor Maury

List of the Greater House King Dynasties of Axum

Collapsed memorial of the Axumite kings of Sost. They are Hikiksibur, Omojur, Ession, and Thennis the Tame who commissioned the work during his reign.

Map commissioned by Sinsare in the second year of his reign

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